The Suicide Prevention Council promotes in-person training, online courses, webinars, an annual conference, and virtual learning experiences to support state-wide efforts.


The Connect Program is an internationally recognized program developed by NAMI New Hampshire and provides a spectrum of suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention services to school communities across the country. Connect is a designated National Best Practice Program recognized by SPRC’s Best Practice Registry 2023.

Connect Suicide Prevention/Intervention Training increases the capacity of educators and school communities to prevent suicide. Connect uses a public health approach and incorporates key elements of the National Suicide Prevention Strategy. Applying a unique, holistic model and offering a community planning component, Connect stands apart from other training programs.

Connect Suicide Postvention Training is provided in advance to prepare the school staff to respond to suicide and incorporate postvention protocols into their emergency response plans. Training can also be provided following a suicide death.

Connect Youth Leader Training engages a core group of youth leaders in the school community to co-facilitate the 3-hour Connect curriculum with a trained adult for a high school audience. Research has consistently shown that teens training their peers is an effective method to educate youth. This allows for ongoing and sustainable suicide prevention training to take place within the community for the student population.


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For more information about the Connect Program training or services, please call 603-225-5359 or email


The SPC – Military & Veterans Committee recommends all professionals who work with Service members and Veterans in helping roles be trained in suicide prevention strategies. The Military Cultural Competence and Suicide Prevention Training Recommendations list is available in Resources for Military & Veterans and can point you to training that meets your needs.

Each time you complete a military culture or suicide prevention training in 2023, enter to win one of two $100 Walmart gift cards drawn quarterly! Get more info about the 2023 Training Challenge on the Resources for Military & Veterans page or use the QR code provided!

The New Hampshire Online Training Portal is free for providers and business professionals in our state and was developed in collaboration with PsychArmor, SAMHSA, and the VA. Training in military culture and suicide prevention is available through the portal. Register and indicate you are a member of the NH Governor’s Challenge Team.

Portal or providers serving SMVF
Portal for business professionals looking for training such as hiring and retaining Veterans

For more information on the NH Suicide Prevention Council – Military & Veterans Committee:

Amy Cook, Co-Chair, SPC – Military & Veterans
NAMI New Hampshire

J. Justin Moeling, LICSW; Co-Chair, SPC – Military & Veterans
Community Engagement and Partnerships Coordinator (CEPC) For Suicide Prevention
Manchester VA Medical Center | (603)203-3641

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